Scientists Change Their Mind

The scientific method necessitates an equanimity around being wrong.  A scientist that becomes invested in the outcome of their experimentation has lost the objectivity necessary to be great in the field. Changing your mind, as a scientist, is a feature of the process and not a bug.  We could learn a lot from scientists in…

Individual Liberty

Can we allow each other freedom so long as our fellow citizens are not hurting other people or taking what is not theirs? It seems like a simple, reasonable request.

Scientists Disagree

Scientific skepticism and disagreement is essential to ensuring a continued march toward a fuller understanding of the truth. In other words, disagreement is a feature of the process and not a bug.

Mental Health

After every mass shooting, spike in suicides, climb in loneliness etcetera, there is a call for a new focus on mental health. Let’s think about a path to make actual progress.

Work From Home

There are opportunities to innovate and marketplace opportunities coming out of this forced experiment. Will you take advantage of those opportunities?


Does power corrupt those that have it or does power simply reveal the character of the person in possession of it?

Awe & Human Acts

My previous articles on awe over indexed on nature. Let’s consider the awe that we gift one another.

Start School Later

One of the things that we do is clearly not in the interest of our high school students. We get them up too early to work with their natural circadian rhythms.

Doers Versus Critics

One frustrating part of living in a society is criticism. You come up with the best idea that you can muster, try your best to get support, work hard to implement it with excellence and the critics simply sit back and point out weaknesses.


Beware… It is a toxic attitude. It can lead you to complacency and continual outrage when the world fails to give us the special treatment that you feel you deserve. Yes, what value does entitlement hold? I can’t think of much.

Tools and Resources

What type of resources do you need to be successful? The answer is clearly some. However, I wonder if we do not consistently set our threshold for “enough” too high.

Are You Prepared for Learning?

Humans do not always learn because a teacher says, “it is time to learn.” Instead, we learn when the conditions within us are ripe for that learning.


Sounds can be a great boon in our life, or they can detract from an otherwise wonderful moment.

What Do You Want?

Are you crystal clear on what you want? I try to always have it straight and in the forefront of my mind.

Leading People as People

I have always thought that there was a clear choice about how to lead. You could lead people as people or choose to see the people that you lead as a means to reach your objectives.

Seeking Adventure

Humans crave variety… uncertainty… a shake up of our day to day… Yet, many of us do little to actually shake things up.

Thoughtful but Swift

As it relates to the speed with which we move toward our dreams, there are always choices in life. How shall we choose?


Travel is one of life’s great pleasures. What place might it take in a life well lived?

An Argument for Nuance

An unfortunate aspect of our discourse is the tendency toward simplistic explanations for complex problems. Unfortunately, most things in life are complicated.

Short Term Focus in Business

It is part of American culture to view the world through a short term lens. The US is a primary shaper of business practices, it is, therefore, natural that the business world has taken this as the natural right answer. What are my concerns? Let’s review them.


The toughest part of meditating for the majority of prospective meditators is doing it. I discuss some helpful advice in this article.

Fear and Divisiveness

It is fairly common knowledge that the media, activists and politicians exaggerate the differences in society, the threats present and the evil intentions of those on the different side of a debate. What should we do about it? I will lay out my approach.


I have noticed that there is an epidemic in the world today of people that do not feel understood. What could we do to make it better?

Become a World Class Friend

What kind of changes would the world see if we all set a goal to be a world class friend? If we were conscious of it going into / during our time with friends.


The purpose of life, in my estimation, is to contribute. Contribute to those around me… my family, friends and society.

Enough / Contentment

I am at the age where people generally buy boats, RVs or vacation homes. Instead, I am choosing a route of contentment.


The benefits of exercise are not only well documented, but known by nearly everyone. However, many of us haven’t taken the lesson that we learned and turned it into a consistent habit.


Give journaling a try. It has been a real boon in my life. I am certain that it would be for you as well.

Be Present

Being present in the current moment is incredibly beneficial. It is also too rare.

Educate Yourself

One way to create / maintain competence is through education. Commit to using the resources at your disposal today.

Seek Feedback

One of the most important ways to get better is seeking feedback from those around you.

Read Daily

One of the most important habits of lifelong learners is reading. However, only 27% of the adult US population has read at least one book in the past 12 months.

Habit Stacking

Wisely chosen habits are incredibly important to a well lived life. Learn one way to establish good habits.

Clarify Your Thoughts By Writing

I have found over time that there are some situations that need serious thinking. They require thoughtful consideration. However, I have a powerful weapon that is a huge aid for me.

Get Some Sleep

Getting enough sleep will optimize both your mental and physical health. It is a strong investment in your success. Find out the best practices in sleep hygiene.

Prepare to be Wrong

Experimentation, creativity and innovation require risking being wrong. Therefore, a genuine, versus theoretical, willingness to be wrong is vital to generate transformative ideas. Learn how through a couple of role models.

Mindset at Work

Choosing a mindset that helps us to thrive at work can be a powerful investment in both our success at work and in our personal happiness. How could you go about doing that? Click through and find out.

Pendulum Theory

I have had a theory for many years that a) many of life’s most complex questions do not have an exact answer b) even if you answered them correctly for today, the answer would change tomorrow. How should you handle them?

Social Investment

There are few things as important to your personal happiness as your social network. Start investing in your social networks today and see your happiness skyrocket.

Confident Humility

Confident humility is the sweet spot between arrogance and ultimate humility. Find out why and the benefits of finding it.

Turning Around An Underperforming Employee

If you have an employee that is underperforming, you must act to ensure that things turn around. You cannot afford poor performance on your team no matter how good things are going otherwise. See my best practices.

National Debt

It seems that we have lost sight of the national debt in recent years. That is not because it isn’t there or isn’t growing.

Mistake Vs. Conflict Theory

There are two interesting theories of political discourse: Conflict Theory and Mistake Theory. Let’s investigate each of them, and see what we might learn about a superior path.

Importance of Psychological Safety for a Team

Psychological safety is the shared belief that a team environment is safe for interpersonal risk taking. It is when you can share your best / wildest ideas without fear that it might damage your status or career. Why is it important? How do you develop it on your team? Click through to find out.


When the obvious or existing ideas don’t suffice to solve your problems or improve your circumstances, it is time to bring your creativity to the table.


Compassion is a key component of emotional intelligence. One where you can never have enough. How could we continue to develop our empathy?

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