Leading People as People

I have always thought that there was a clear choice about how to lead. You could lead people as people or choose to see the people that you lead as a means to reach your objectives.

Electing Business Leaders

Ideas that scare you are sometimes the very best ideas. I love this one. Read it over and leave me some thoughts about how to fix or improve it in the comments.

Servant Leadership

Servant leaders pledge their support to ensure their employee’s / team member’s success. You begin to recognize that your job is to remove obstacles to ensure their success. Who wouldn’t want to work for someone that treated them as someone so important?

Level 5 Leadership; Humility

Level 5 leaders display a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will. I focus on humility, which is the catalyst to your leadership growth. Click through to find out how.

Pygmalion Effect

Are your expectations of the people around you harming your results? Find out in my latest article.

Keys to Effective Delegation

Effective delegation is key to organizational success. However, it is frequently rendered ineffective, when it isn’t done abundantly enough or when missing a key step.

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