Work From Home

There are opportunities to innovate and marketplace opportunities coming out of this forced experiment. Will you take advantage of those opportunities?

Short Term Focus in Business

It is part of American culture to view the world through a short term lens. The US is a primary shaper of business practices, it is, therefore, natural that the business world has taken this as the natural right answer. What are my concerns? Let’s review them.

Turning Around An Underperforming Employee

If you have an employee that is underperforming, you must act to ensure that things turn around. You cannot afford poor performance on your team no matter how good things are going otherwise. See my best practices.

You Are What You Tolerate

It is an axiom of leadership that you are what you tolerate. That bad behavior that you tolerate; that becomes the perception of you with your employees, colleagues and the marketplace.

Organizational Design for the Greatest Success

Sometimes, I think we miss the simple genius of how organizations are built for greatest success. The building blocks could be viewed as a) policies, processes, procedures and work instructions, b) recruiting and retaining the best people possible and c) architecting and creating a world class culture. Let’s take a look at how they interoperate.

Overcoming Binary Decision Making

“Should we do this or that?” That is often the start of a journey down a dangerous path. Why? Because it ignores the many other possible paths. Find out how to increase your chances of decision making success.

Healthier Media Consumption

It is important for everyone in a functioning society to seek out the best information / facts possible. See my recommendations on how to go about doing that.

Conscious Capitalism

It used to be considered good enough to run a business to increase the value for shareholders.However, I am with the proponents of Conscious Capitalism. Read the full article to see why.

Turn Your Damn Camera On

Unfortunately, many of us purposely make our video conferences worse than it has to be by consistently turning our cameras off. Click the link to learn what I suggest we do about it.

Finding the Passion in Your Work

On a recent Akimbo podcast, Seth Godin said, “Choose to engage with the work that you are going to do.” That is as opposed to the usual advice… “Find, and then follow, your passion.” It is far better advice. Consistent with the way that I have always seen the method for finding fulfillment in your…

Keys to Effective Delegation

Effective delegation is key to organizational success. However, it is frequently rendered ineffective, when it isn’t done abundantly enough or when missing a key step.

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