Hiring & Promotions: The Special Case of Internal Candidates

When hiring, how should you approach internal candidates and compare them to external candidates?

First, always default to internal candidates.  All things relatively equal, the internal candidate should always get the job.  This approach will help to create a culture of growth within your employee community.  Plus, they are less risky, because you know them, how they work and how they fit into your culture.

With that under consideration, you must not relax any of your needs in order to promote from within.  Every candidate must give you all that you are looking for including:

  • Growth
  • Leadership
  • Values
  • IQ / EQ 
  • Skills
  • Behaviors, Attitudes
  • Experience

To ensure that you get the best possible result.  While you may prefer hiring from within, you should consider external candidates to fully understand the possibilities. 

All internal applicants for a job should be interviewed, even the ones that you feel might not be ready for the job.  It is a fantastic opportunity for organizational development.  Even if an internal candidate does not get the job, it allows you to give them feedback about that career path in the future.

If you consider an internal candidate(s) and do not hire them, you should:

  • Give them a gap analysis that explains why they did not get the position.
  • Give them recommendations about how they could improve their chances to get a similar position in the future.  

This is a great employee development tool.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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