Man Made Climate Change

The core question:  How do we make solid decisions for our future selves / future generations?

There is little doubt in the scientific community that man made climate change is happening and that the projected consequences are horrible.

Forecasts are always wrong by their nature, so even a majority opinion is uncertain.  No one can accurately predict the future.  However, the majority opinion of the world’s foremost experts must be heeded to move society to act.  Putting our heads in the sand or waiting for someone to come along later with a heroic idea / effort are irresponsible.

Unfortunately, we, as a species, do not make good decisions when our current comfort is compromised by our long term benefit.  Exercise, nutritious eating, saving for retirement etc. are all examples.

With those two ideas present, how can our public policy transcend this short term mindset?  It has failed us on other priorities.  For instance, the US government has continued to spend and increase our debt, despite a “conservative” administration for the past four years.  The budget deficit as a % of GDP averaged 3.9% for the first three years of the Trump administration, where the Obama administration averaged 3.1% during his 2nd term.  I am certain that you can think of many other examples of short term government policy.

Am I advocating for the Green New Deal of the progressive wing of the democratic party?  No, I am a Libertarian and see aspects of this initiative as extreme or impractical.  

What I believe is that something must be done, and more conservative politicians have abdicated a role toward solving the problem by taking only the smallest of steps.  Our government officials must show leadership now, before extreme measures are all that will suffice.

I have the ultimate faith that we can make it happen.  Human ingenuity will win out in the long run.  However, where world governments must coordinate, it is going to take a collective, consistent push from the citizens of the world to ensure our governments act.

Join me in voting for politicians with the political bravery to transcend short term thinking and move us toward a brighter future.  Join me in holding our elected officials accountable for keeping the world of our future generations livable.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Man Made Climate Change

  1. I’ve always felt the climate debate was akin to children arguing for the sake of argument. Yes, I understand that some will point to how often the experts have been wrong on the topic. And I get that some think alternative voices have been silenced. But in the end, what does it matter? Some don’t believe the earth is being destroyed, but can’t we all agree it’s better to live on a cleaner planet? We have the technology and ability to reduce pollution…why are we even debating whether or not to do it?

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