Finding the Passion in Your Work

On a recent Akimbo podcast, Seth Godin said, “Choose to engage with the work that you are going to do.”  That is as opposed to the usual advice…  “Find, and then follow, your passion.”

It is far better advice.  Consistent with the way that I have always seen the method for finding fulfillment in your work.

The world does not deal all of us a hand that includes clear passions or… 

passions that monetize in the way we might like.

“If you can’t be with the one you love, honey

love the one you’re with.”- Crosby, Stills & Nash

As an old story goes:  One day, the renowned architect Christopher Wren observed three bricklayers on a scaffold.  To the first bricklayer, Wren asked, “What are you doing?” The bricklayer replied, “I’m a bricklayer. I’m working hard laying bricks to feed my family.” 

The second bricklayer responded to the same question, “I’m a builder. I’m building a wall.” 

But the third bricklayer when asked, “What are you doing?” replied with a gleam in his eye, “I’m building a great cathedral to The Almighty!”

The bricklayer had a job.  The second had a career.  The third chose to engage with the work that was to be done and found a calling.  

“Choose to engage with the work that you are going to do.”  Give it a try.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?

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