Start School Later

One of the things that we do is clearly not in the interest of our high school students. We get them up too early to work with their natural circadian rhythms.

National Debt

It seems that we have lost sight of the national debt in recent years. That is not because it isn’t there or isn’t growing.

Mistake Vs. Conflict Theory

There are two interesting theories of political discourse: Conflict Theory and Mistake Theory. Let’s investigate each of them, and see what we might learn about a superior path.

The Scourge of Team Politics

The pursuit of power has corrupted the ideal of our trustee form of government. Now, individual politicians worry more about getting reelected than what is right. What should we demand instead?

Taking Pride In Being Smart

Intelligence is a big predictor of success in life. However, the belief that we are smart can lead to ugly downsides. What should we do instead?

Ranked Choice Voting

It seems that every election cycle most Americans are unhappy with the choices. We end up making a “lesser of the evils” choice. Let’s look at a possible solution.

Time For Big Government To End

There is a saying, “All politics is local”, and we have gone beyond that to the detriment of us all. It is time for big government to end and allow the states and local governments to reclaim the debate to the benefit of us all.

Is Doing Something Better Than Doing Nothing?

In most decisions, doing nothing is a valid option. However, that is not to say that doing nothing is the right, or even a good, choice. And, for some problems, doing nothing is a horrible decision. Find out which and my request for the future.

Healthier Media Consumption

It is important for everyone in a functioning society to seek out the best information / facts possible. See my recommendations on how to go about doing that.

The “Power” of Social Media Over Free Speech

We are in the heat of a dangerous debate about political speech on social media. Both sides of the political spectrum are joining together to bemoan the “power” that social media companies have over speech. Read on for my opinion regarding the healthiest path forward.

Benefits to the US of Immigrants- Open the Borders

For most of the history of the United States, we had open borders. During that time, we thrived and grew more prosperity for America and its citizens. At some point, we decided that immigrants were not a boon to our country anymore. However, I would like to propose an alternate view. Opening our borders in…

Not Everyone Should Vote

Having to register to vote or go to a polling station, if physically able to, is not a roadblock or infringement of your right to vote. It does not disenfranchise us to be required to educate ourselves on the issues or basic civics. It protects us from the wolves of mob rule.

Vote For Me

It’s morning in America and it’s time to wake and bake and start down the highway to a better America. So, Tippecanoe and a beer too and vote for me.

Man Made Climate Change

The core question: How do we make solid decisions for our future selves / future generations? There is little doubt in the scientific community that man made climate change is happening and that the projected consequences are horrible.

How We Can Save The World

If we really want to save the world, we can’t be the four horsemen of the apocalypse, we need to be that “Shining city on a hill” that Reagan spoke of.


We’re human, we’re different and my beliefs do not negate your beliefs unless I’m blind and ignorant enough to demand that government enact laws upholding mine and illegalizing yours.

False Binary Straw Man Arguments

What is a straw man argument? A straw man argument occurs when someone takes another person’s argument or point, distorts it or exaggerates it in some kind of extreme way, and then attacks the extreme distortion, as if that is really the claim the first person is making.


What is the solution to what is essentially a two-party system in this country and breaking away from political labels? How do we break away from the myopic and self serving rhetoric of those parties?

Political Labels

I have always felt like a square peg in a round hole on the political spectrum. I have engaged in a lifelong search for the right fit where I voted mostly for one of the major parties but have identified more deeply ideologically with a third party.

The Deep State

The deep state exists whether you choose to believe or not. It is all around us and pervasive on every level of government from local to state to federal. You want proof?

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