Climate Change & Politics

The majority of scientists, that study the environment for a living, believe that the earth is warming as a result of the activity of man.  Similarly, they agree that the consequences of following the path that we are on will cause suffering on a large scale.

Therefore, I cheer a bias for action.

A huge thank you to the Biden administration for starting us down a positive path toward addressing it!  Are they doing it wrong?  Almost definitely.  Government is not great at using our resources effectively and efficiently.  Would a different approach be better? Unequivocally, there are approaches that we, that believe in the concept of limited government, believe would create better results with wiser utilization of resources.  

Unfortunately, that has not materialized.  The Trump administration did not put forward a plan to address climate change in any meaningful way, and there is not a conservative / libertarian plan that is getting any serious traction.  We, limited government types, seem to be content to believe that sniping the plans put forward by democrats is a plan.  It is not.  Doing nothing is worse than doing something in this instance.

Since I want to be for something, instead of just against someone else’s policy: Thank you President Biden, and all of the supporters of his environmental initiatives, for showing leadership on this critical issue!

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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#ClimateChange #Environmentalism

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