Relative Wisdom

Relative Wisdom is a collection of dueling or complementary articles from two of our guest authors. One of whom has read the other’s article and responds by either augmenting the first author’s opinions with their own thoughts or civilly rebutting parts or all of the conclusions from the original article. Scroll down, we hope you enjoy the discussion and you are welcome to comment on any article.

Climate Change

Man Made Climate Change

The core question: How do we make solid decisions for our future selves / future generations? There is little doubt in the scientific community that man made climate change is happening and that the projected consequences are horrible.

Climate Change

Like religion and politics, debate about climate change can be volatile and misunderstood and needs much more discussion and action than articles like this to fully be resolved.


As Wise as Socrates

We tend to be too impressed by those that are the most certain that they are correct in their opinions. “Flip floppers” in politics are openly derided by supporters and the media.

Wise Like Grandpa Rufus

Grandpa Rufus was the wisest man any of us had ever met until then, but when you’re 10 you’re not burdened yet with knowing everything like when you’re 16.

Political Labels

Political Labels

I have always felt like a square peg in a round hole on the political spectrum. I have engaged in a lifelong search for the right fit where I voted mostly for one of the major parties but have identified more deeply ideologically with a third party.


What is the solution to what is essentially a two-party system in this country and breaking away from political labels? How do we break away from the myopic and self serving rhetoric of those parties?

The Deep State

The Deep State

The deep state exists whether you choose to believe or not. It is all around us and pervasive on every level of government from local to state to federal. You want proof?

What is Enough

We Weren’t Poor

I said “Damn, you were poor” and with total sincerity she replied, “We weren’t poor, we always had enough to eat.”

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