Free Markets

Free commercial markets have been one of the greatest boons in the history of mankind.  It has created an upward spiral of wealth, and therefore wellbeing.  Unleashing the power of the market has a tendency toward wealth creation for all residents of a society.  Since 1990, 1.2 billion people have risen out of extreme poverty because of freedom in the marketplace.

The more freedom in the market, the more prosperity it can create.


Let’s ask ourselves:  Should someone really need a license to cut hair, manicure nails, give a massage etc., etc., etc.?  In the United States, the professions requiring a license over the past 60 years went from 1 in 20 professions to 1 in 4.

We should be eliminating tariffs, duties and other protectionist policies to let the market thrive.  Protectionism doesn’t work.  It is an illusion that in a free market we must treat other countries as the enemy.

The same can be said for regulating the marketplace.  Regulations should be minimalist in their design and scope.  Open trade is good for everyone.  Let’s lead the way for the world.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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