Accountable for our Teenage Selves- Cancel Culture II

There are many that are observing this trend of public accountability with alarm.  Popularly, the trend is called cancel culture.  One aspect of this trend that I find particularly disturbing is the targeting of behavior and speech from people prior to their eighteenth birthday.

We have all been reminded of it recently when Conde Nast dropped Alexi McCammond as the editor of Teen Vogue because of Tweets when she was a teenager.  For the background of the issue, you can read the following article

It seems to me that something has been lost in our society.  Teenagers must be held accountable just like others in our society.  However, we have had a long tradition of dealing with teenage transgressions differently.  The moral development of the young takes a while.  Certainly, we do not see teenagers as the ultimate moral human that we hope to see in adults.

How many of today‚Äôs adults would be able to survive full scrutiny of everything that we did or said as a teen?  Certainly, I would not do well under that type of scrutiny.  

Stand with me against holding adults accountable for behavior and speech many years earlier.  Let them apologize, express remorse and move on with their life.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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