Benefits to the US of Immigrants- Open the Borders

For most of the history of the United States, we had open borders.  During that time, we thrived and grew more prosperity for America and its citizens.  At some point, we decided that immigrants were not a boon to our country anymore.  However, I would like to propose an alternate view.  Opening our borders in pragmatic ways would be good for Americans.

Is immigration a net good or net bad?  In what ways?

The Consensus among economists is that immigrants have a positive impact on the US economy, even after welfare, entitlements etc. are taken into account.  They drive up demand to create jobs at the same time that they fill other positions.  Entrepreneurialism is strong among immigrants which is a great benefit to the economy and society.

Contrary to the political rhetoric, studies consistently find that both legal and Illegal Immigrants commit fewer crimes compared to natives.  That is true of crimes from violent crimes to drug offenses.

Language adaptation among the children of immigrants is nearly 100%. As a matter of fact, children of immigrants lose their original language within two generations on average.

Trust assimilation happens quickly, even if they come from low trust third world countries.

Plus, we get all the benefits of cosmopolitanism.  Better art!  Better food!  Better lifestyles!

The US culture spreads in one generation with the immersion that comes from being in the country..

The average immigrant is nearly identical on political policy as natives in polling, so it is neutral for both major political parties.

Let’s join together to lobby our government to open the borders in prudent ways, through thorough but efficient legal immigration.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits to the US of Immigrants- Open the Borders

  1. I agree with all you’ve said. In my opinion, people that are coming into our country still have the American dream mentality and do whatever it takes for them to live a happy life here. They take the jobs we as Americans are “too good” for. I appreciate all the culture they bring to our country and welcome them with open arms.

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