The liberal left believes that the death penalty is immoral but supports assisted suicide, late term abortion and in some cases even live birth abortion.

The religious right believes that only God can judge, life begins at conception but advocate the death penalty for criminals that are tried and sentenced by man.

The liberal left compares the right to Nazis and fascists but supports big government, racial quotas in government and business, groups like Antifa, segregated areas on university campuses and laws against free speech.

The religious right compares the left to Nazis and fascists but support laws against immigration, marijuana, gay marriage, bigamy, and burning the flag.

The liberal left mocks the religious right for their belief in and infallible God to guide our morals but believes in an infallible government to enact laws to enforce their morals upon us.

The religious right believes that the liberal left’s lack of faith in a God is the reason for the decline of morals in this country but wants a secular government to enact laws to force their morals upon us.

The liberal left believes in diversity but then labels everyone by groups by race, sexual identity, religion and political orientation and then condemns some of those groups.

The religious right believes in diversity but supports laws against gay marriage, gay adoption and immigration.

These may be simple generalizations of the liberal left and religious right and not all of those on the liberal left or right would agree with them, but as broad generalizations they do tend to hold true.  My point is that I am always amazed by people’s blindness to the hypocrisy some of their beliefs.  We’re human, we’re different and my beliefs do not negate your beliefs unless I’m blind and ignorant enough to demand that government enact laws upholding mine and illegalizing yours.  I am not blind to my hypocrisies and sometimes will even embrace them, I am human after all. But I won’t demand that the government enact laws without a lot of careful thought because I’m all too aware of the one law that rules us all, the law of unintended consequences.

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