The Scourge of Team Politics

The ideal in a trustee form of government, like ours, is one where policy and legislation is supported based on an elected officials best judgement.  They take into account the opinions of their constituents and the other respected politicians around them.  However, it is ultimately their own judgement.

The pursuit of power appears to have corrupted the ideal.  Now, individual politicians worry more about getting reelected than what is right.

As if that was not bad enough, it feels like we have entered a period where any instinct to bipartisanship is undermined by the pursuit of party power.  Party leaders fear that they cannot gain legislative seats, or the presidency, if the current majority gets anything accomplished.

In that case, the legislators do not vote for a bill if it might hurt their reelection chance, nor if it shares any positive press for those across the aisle.  Notice, that is regardless of the merit of the bill, nomination or idea.  The wants, needs and best interest of the American people has become the third consideration.

The clearest proof of this phenomenon may be looking at the change that happens to politicians in the lame duck period after they announce they will not be running again, they retire or they lose an election.  They frequently become entirely different in their voting practices, far more likely to vote counter to the party line.  Presumably, they feel free to vote based on the merit of the idea in providing solid benefits for the American people.

This is a problem on the left and on the right in roughly equal measure as far as I can tell.  A basic flaw in our modern American political system.

If you agree with my assessment, join me in demanding better.  We can change it if we join our collective voices together.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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