Trust & Greatness

When I read or watch biographies of successful people, it seems that there is always a point in any great person’s life that represents a turning point.  They are living a normal existence and something happens to change their trajectory toward greatness. It seems to me that the catalyst is the extension of trust:  The aunt that admires her nephew’s poetry or the coach that puts the kid in the game at a key time.  That trust gives them a boost toward the greatness locked within them. 

Those biographies show the power of an extension of trust to transform a person toward greatness.  However, I would suggest that we take note of something more profound.  The aunt or coach of the examples above could not have known the significance of their gift of trust.  Some of the world’s greatest citizens showed none of the signs of that greatness early in life.

The ramifications of that are immense.  It means that anyone in our life could have that latent potential within them. Do you act accordingly?  Are you making the extension of trust that might unlock the potential of those around you?  Who in your life might deserve your trust and encouragement?  Remember, it could be anyone.

If an extension of trust can truly change the trajectory of a life, then we could potentially be robbing them and the world of the greatness that may have come from that trust. 

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Trust & Greatness

  1. Great article and I totally agree. I believe there can be multiple turning points in a person’s life based on this concept of the extension of trust.

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