Reform & Accountability- Cancel Culture III

Two important aspects of a just society are the concepts of rehabilitation and forgiveness.  

When someone that has committed a morally questionable or repugnant act, we hold them accountable and punish them.  That is an important deterrent to additional bad actors.  Plus, it shows what principles our society is committed to and reinforces a better culture.

However, we have always been equally committed to the idea that someone that one day did something punishable can be rehabilitated by expressing regret and changing their current and future behavior.  Once someone has been rehabilitated, we allow them to reenter society with their head held high.

The cancel culture phenomena seems to be missing the prior points.  Those being held accountable have often expressed their regret, apologized and there does not appear to be an ongoing behavior problem.

It is time for all clear minded members of society to stand by the principles of justice.  Do not let yourself get swept away in the emotion.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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