Crappy Meetings? Part 1: Invite the minimum / right people

Crappy Meetings?  Part 1: Invite the minimum / right people

Core Problem- We invite too many people to a meeting or miss key members that must be present for a quorum.

When deciding who should attend a meeting, consider the following:

Always minimize the number of attendees to those required, while balancing the need for all valuable input.

While informational meetings can accommodate a nearly unlimited size group. In most instances, meetings should not be called to simply relay information.  There are other, much more effective and unobtrusive methods for this type of communication (recorded video, email etc.).  It is boring to sit in a meeting for no other reason than to listen.

Collaborative meetings are optimal with up to 6 attendees, and must include trustees from each area impacted.  Therefore, there will be times when you must invite more than the optimal 6. 

One neglected technique is inviting attendees for only the agenda items affecting them. These special guests can then be allowed, but not required, to leave to do the important work waiting for them.

If you are still worried that someone would be interested in attending even though they are not required…  Consider inviting them as optional if they are not required to make a quorum.  That way they can decide if attendance would generate enough value for the organization.   

Please remember: When an invitee replies as tentative / maybe or decline / no, it is time to consider postponing or cancelling the meeting.  It is incredibly frustrating to attend a meeting where decisions cannot be made, because of missing constituents.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Crappy Meetings? Part 1: Invite the minimum / right people

  1. I particularly appreciate the idea of inviting people as “special guests” to address only the agenda items that pertain to them. Showing others that we value their time inevitably leads to better collaborations.

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