Crappy Meetings? Part 2: Cut the Low Value Ones

Meeting Problem: We meet far too often.

So, when is a meeting the right answer?

Here are a series of ideas to help you decide.

A meeting is more often the right answer if:

  • You are willing and able to put the work in to plan and prepare for a meeting, including creating an agenda, ensuring all of the necessary people are invited / confirmed to attend, preparing all of the materials, gathering evidence, getting attendees all of the information and materials that they need etc.
  • There is conflict / controversy / disagreement / debate / emotion involved?
  • When there are decisions to be made.
  • It could not be settled creatively in an ad-hoc face to face conversation, over the phone, via e-mail, via Instant Messaging, Slack etc.
  • Multiple groups of stakeholders must be represented / included.

In most instances, meetings should not be called to simply relay information.  There are other, much more effective and unobtrusive methods for this type of communication (recorded video, email etc.).  It is boring to sit in a meeting for no other reason than to listen.

If your meetings do not fit the guidelines above… strongly consider cancelling them.

Free yourself of crappy meetings!

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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