Crappy Meetings? Part 4- Be a Dream Meeting Attendee

If you are going to be in a meeting, decide to make it worth your while.  It is the ultimate demonstration of respect to your colleagues when you take your attendance seriously.

To do list for every meeting:

Start by reading the agenda thoroughly.  If one is not provided, solicit one from the organizer.

  • Prepare ahead of time, consider your position on each topic, do research and gather evidence, info, photos, information, reports, materials etc.
  • Complete all of your action items thoroughly on or before the due date.
  • Ask the organizer, facilitator, leader any questions that you have ahead of the meeting.
  • In other words, be prepared in any way that you can imagine.

Regarding meeting invitations, reply as soon as you receive the request, using the following guidelines:

  • Reply accept / yes if you believe that you can attend.
  • Reply decline / no if you will not be attending.
  • Reply- tentative / maybe if you are not certain that you will not be attending.  However, you should never let a meeting start with your status as tentative / maybe.  As soon as you know whether you will be attending or not; change your response.

At the meeting:

  • Exhibit active listening
  • Push yourself to participate
  • Follow the meeting norms for the group / organization
  • Never leave the meeting with a hidden agenda.  Be open with your thoughts, opinions and concerns.

How could we deal with a boring meeting?  Speak out courageously.  Tell the meeting facilitator, suggest a solution and suggest that the group brainstorm solutions.  The wrong answer is to continue attending boring meetings.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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