Three Types of Employees Model

There is nothing more important to a business and / or leader’s success than who they put on their team.  To that end, every business and every manager, should strive to employ only three types of employees.  You should be careful that, at any given time, each of your employees fits one of three categories.

Category #1: Ideal in their Role

I wish you a situation where you have all employees in the first category.  Category number one is employees that are the ideal fit for the role that they have.  They are successful and a boon to the team.  Anyone that is not successful or is a teamwork problem does not fit this category.

Category #2:  Belief and a Plan  

Category number two is employees that you believe can elevate themselves to be ideal for their role.  You believe in your heart, head and gut that they can do it with your help.  Plus, you have a plan to help them get there.  If you have lost faith or do not have a plan, your employee is in category number three.  

This is typically where we get into trouble.  At one moment, we believe in their ability to be ideal for the role, and something happens that causes us to lose faith.  Sometimes, that happens without us being conscious of it.  Therefore, we must reflect regularly to ensure that our faith is still there.

Category #3: Short Term Transitioning

Category number three is employees that are in transition.  The transition is either to a role where they can be successful within the company or out of the company by terminating their employment.  Employees should be in this category for the shortest possible time (weeks; not months).

Periodically assess your employees against this ideal.  When you find an employee that is not clearly in one of the three categories, make an adjustment.  This is an important investment in your success.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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