Turn Your Damn Camera On

Video conferencing has become a big part of our life during the pandemic.  It is difficult to imagine the impact that COVID-19 would have had on business before video conference became as easy and good as it is today.  My guess is that the use of this technology will never go back to the levels of use prior to March 2019, so we should learn to use it to its absolute best.

It clearly is not as good as face to face and has lots of limitations.  Unfortunately, many of us purposely make it worse than it has to be by consistently turning our cameras off during our video meetings.

I want to call on every one of you to make the step toward improving them by leading by example.  Turn on your camera consistently and invite the other participants to do the same.

Further… to those in positions of authority…  I propose that you strongly suggest to your circle of influence that they consistently turn on their cameras.  You might even consider adopting a group norm or rule that asks all participants to show their faces.

Video conferencing is not as good as face to face.  However, it is much, much closer when you can see each other, read body language, and see the emotions of the other meeting participants.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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