Knowing What You Stand For

As I have argued before, courage is a crucial character trait.  It is the building block of the best of what we do as humans.  When things get hard, it is the trait that must be present to carry us through.

However, it is foundational to understand your values: What do you stand for?  What line is it unacceptable to cross?

If you have not made it clear to yourself, then you will not know when to use your courage.  With it clarified, you will know when to walk away from unjust or toxic situations.  You will know when to push back and how hard.  It is incredibly important.

If you have not started, take a moment right now: clarify your values, what you stand for etc.  Then, start working on your bravery, so that when you need it, like an old friend, it will be there for you.   

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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