Prepare to be Wrong

We all hate to be wrong.  However, experimentation, creativity and innovation require it.  Therefore, a genuine, versus theoretical, willingness to be wrong is vital to generate transformative ideas.  

Finding out that you are wrong can be embarrassing, and really hurt our ego.  However, being wrong feels exactly like being right, since you don’t know that you are wrong, yet.  We must be open minded to the idea that we may be wrong about just about anything.

I have a few role models that model the right way to react to being wrong.  The first is Adam Savage from the television program Mythbusters.  Watch it to see how Adam delights in the fact that his predictions are wrong.  It offers him a chance to change his faulty assumptions and learn valuable new things.  Similarly, the nobel prize winning psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman loves to find out that he is wrong.  For him, it means that he is a little smarter than he was moments before.

Join me in following the wonderful example of these two great role models.  We can be much bolder in finding our way to the transformative ideas that will change our circumstances for the better!

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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