Become a World Class Friend

What kind of changes would the world see if we all set a goal to be a world class friend?

If we were conscious of it going into / during our time with friends.  

  • What if we planned for how we would make our friendships both a delight and ensure they flourish?
  • What if we experimented with each of our friends through trial and error to see what might delight them most and make the friendship delightful for us.
  • What if we reflected on our time together to think about ways to make it even better?
  • How could we be better listeners for our friends?
  • How could we celebrate with more enthusiasm?
  • How could we be more generous with one another?
  • How could we contribute in the most positive ways for each other?
  • Could we be more present during our time together?

To my friends; I am working on it.  You are a treasure in my life.

Join me in this aim and be a better friend.  The world can only be better because of our effort.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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