Spending Money More Wisely

We need money to give us access to the necessities of life.  If we cannot put food on the table or heat our homes, then our priorities are crystal clear:  get access to the money to change my circumstances.  This article is not for the people in that type of circumstance.

Instead, I am talking to the people that have some disposable income and they aspire to be happier.  Here the science has some solid advice:

First,  spend your disposable income more on experiences and less on stuff.  To a degree, money can buy some incremental happiness if it is used for doing things as opposed to possessing things.

In studies; Purchases where the participants used money to do things with others, like go to a concert or go out for dinner, were happier. However, when participants made material purchases like shoes, televisions or expensive watches they did not get happier.

You might also think about spending money on others.  In studies, those that spend disposable income on others were happier. For more on this topic, see my article: Want to Be Happier? Give to Others

Start spending your disposable income more wisely and you invest in your happiness.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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