Travel is one of life’s great pleasures.  What place might it take in a life well lived?

Travel is mind expanding.

It increases our tolerance of one another.  Remember, for the most part, the things that other cultures do are not strange, bad or wrong; it is just different (and many times better).

Travel provides exposure to different experiences and different cultures.

It gets you out of your day to day, more of the same, routine.  That can shake you up enough for some new ideas and, even, appreciation for the things that you already have.

There are so many interesting things to explore / reasons to go:

  • To stand where it happened
  • To walk where the greats of the past walked
  • To tap into the kind of understanding that only comes from interacting with a culture
  • To see the work of masters

Whatever your interest, no matter how far that you can afford to travel, no matter how little time that you can devote to it…  there is a way for you to enjoy the benefits.

For example, hometown tourism is wonderful.  Take a look at what TripAdvisor, or some other source, says are the attractions worth seeing around your area.  Make a list of the ones that you have not enjoyed, or would like to enjoy again…  get to work knocking them off the list.  Travel need not require a long drive or airplane ride.  

Get some travel on the calendar.  Join me out in the world exploring.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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