What Type Of Person Are You?

What type of person are you?  Your answer to that question will have a disproportionate impact on your life.  How you choose to identify manifests itself in the outcomes of your life.

Are you daring or meek?  Are you a homebody or adventurous?

I am not the same person that I was in childhood, adolescence, at 21 etc.  Neither are you.  Therefore, we should not settle for an answer that is simply consistent with our past.  You see, we choose who we want to be as much as it is chosen by genes and circumstances.

What type of person are you?  Choose that description wisely.  

Do not let your past determine your present or future.

“Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs, and to upgrade and expand your identity.”- James Clear

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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