Afraid of Change?

People are afraid of change.  I acknowledge that.  However, they are not afraid of all changes.  Of the changes that they fear, they are not afraid of all of them equally.  What is the difference?  

  • Most people are not afraid of changes that are clearly positive for them.  The level of benefit must be sufficient to overcome the difficulty of the change.
  • They are not nearly as afraid of the changes they choose.   Those that are “in on it” are usually much less fearful.  
  • People are afraid of changes that will hurt them personally or the other people that they care about.
  • If it is not clear how a change benefits them, they will fill in the blank.  Most of the time, they will not do it in the change agents favor.

It is a leader’s job to help people see how the changes will benefit each stakeholder, how it benefits the team overall and support them through the growth necessary to fight through the change.  Do not allow yourself to believe that resistance to change is inevitable.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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