Overcoming Emotions in Decision Making

For the best possible decision making, don’t let fear or pride get in the way of what is right.  Too often, we feel that familiar pang of fear and shrink from the possibilities.  Instead, you should try to find a way to remove your ego from the equation.  

Ask yourself: What would I advise my best friend to do in this circumstance?

In an organization, you might ask:  What would our successors do?  This technique was famously used by Andy Grove at Intel to help his executive team distance themselves from the emotion present in selling their memory business.

Try the 10/10/10 technique, where you ask yourself, in succession:  

  • How will I feel about this decision in 10 days?  
  • How will I feel about this decision in 10 months?  
  • How will I feel about this decision in 10 years?

Each of these questions can help to clear your head and allow you to make the decision with less emotional interference.   That will lead to much more success.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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