Encountering a New Task; Time Management 5

When you encounter a new task…  What process do you use?  

Here is a process that will help you maximize your success and get more of the right things done: 

First, triage the task to thoroughly understand the expectations.  The expectation could be: 

  • Yours
  • the delegators 
  • or the beneficiary’s

Ask any questions necessary of the stakeholder(s) that it takes to clarify the expectations.

Develop a plan regarding how you will approach the task to complete it efficiently and effectively.

Decide whether you will add it to your task list or do it right away?  The most effective process goes like this: 

  • Ascertain, how it fits into your other priorities?  
  • If it is your top priority…  carry on with it immediately.
  • If it is not your top priority…  
    • And it takes two minutes or less…  Do it immediately.  It takes time to add it to your task list in a thoughtful way and it will take time to reacquaint yourself with it when you hit it on your priority list.  That opportunity cost does not justify tasks less than two minutes in length.
    • All other tasks can be added at their appropriate priority place on your prioritized daily task list.  You do have one right?

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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