Defensive Scheduling

Is your job to go to meetings?  If not, you probably have tasks that must get done outside of the meetings.  

How much time do you need to do those tasks?  Once you have thought deeply about that question, and did some study…  come up with a decent answer.  Then, make sure the need is reflected on your calendar by blocking out at least that amount of your work day on your calendar.

That simple, powerful technique can revolutionize your workday.  However, it has consistently been the most controversial thing that I teach in time management.  The fear?  How will I easily set up a meeting with a team that is using defensive scheduling?  

It is a strange fear.  Isn’t the real issue if you have put your team in a position where they cannot get their job done, or done well?  That would be my fear.

Go in and block out the time you need to do your job with the highest levels of excellence.  It will make you better at anything you do.  

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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