Deeply Understanding Control / Power

What holds you back from your dreams?  What frustrates you?  What could be better in your life?  Once you have answered these questions…  Perhaps, we may find a way to help realize the benefits of achieving your objectives.

The key is developing an internal locus of control.  An “internal locus of control” is a belief that your actions create the outcomes in your life.  The belief gives rise to you moving relentlessly toward the better life that you desire.  A relentless march increases your odds of success exponentially.

So, what is the method?  

One) Articulate how you feel to a friend or write it down, whether it is a dream, a goal, a frustration or a simple improvement.  Get the thoughts out of your head.

Two) Identify what you can control about achieving your aims and make a full list.

Three) Identify and make a list of what you cannot control.

Four) Take the list of things that you cannot control and find ways that you may be wrong and / or ways that you might influence, rather than control, those things.  For instance:  We cannot control the weather, but we can dress properly for it.  “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”- Sir Ranulph Fiennes  We cannot control other people.  However, we can muster our best arguments to persuade or influence them… we could tap our network to enlist help from others that have influence with them etc.   Add these things to the list of things that we can control.

“The most common way that people give up their powers is believing they don’t have any.”- Alice Walker

Five) Choose one thing from the list of things that you can control, get it on your task list, and get it done

Six) Choose another thing that you can control, get it on your task list, and get it done.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until you are where you dreamed of being.

One final piece of advice.  One of the things that is not within our control is the ultimate result.  Your odds of success go up dramatically, but success is never guaranteed.  Therefore, we have to accept failure as a part of the fabric of life.

Just my opinion. What do you think?

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