Trust & Competence

The book “Speed of Trust” had a couple of revelations in it.  One that has really stuck with me is the idea that trust is created both by character, which I had always understood as the basic building block of trust, and competence.  My first instinct:  How could competence be equal to character traits like honesty in building trust?  However, now it makes perfect sense to me.

If someone asks you, “Do you trust Mike?”  Your first question should be, “To do what?”  

You may trust your father to watch your children.  However, he may not be competent to fix your car, and, therefore, you would not trust him to do that.

Therefore, if you want to build trust in your relationships, it requires you to think through what you want to be trusted to do.  Then, you can build competence in that domain by learning the right skills, building them through continual improvement, delivering results etc.

Just my opinion.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

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