Living a Life of Abundance

I see too many members of our society living life, and making decisions, as if the world is set up where if you get more then I get less or vice versa.  However, most of us agree upon what the best parts of life are.  There is enough success, love, energy, results, attention, trust, recognition, contentment, satisfaction, praise etc. for everyone.  In other words, there is more than enough of everything worthy of desire in this life.

There are very few things in the world that are or must be win / lose.  Seeing the world as zero sum is a damaging illusion.  When you think about it deeply, there are few valuable things in life that actually are win / lose.

Even where it can sometimes appear that there is a zero sum game, it is frequently an illusion.  Take two competitive restaurants on a city block.  They may be viewing each other as threats to their business.  However, they likely serve different food and attract different tastes.  If they work together to increase restaurant traffic on the block…  the pie expands and they both generate abundance.   

I invite you to choose abundance.  Shatter the illusion of scarcity and see the truth, that there is abundance all around us.  Abundance is a choice to be made.  It creates a richer life.

I put a slide on this topic into a class that I was teaching about “The Principles of Leadership Excellence.”  I asked for a couple of high stature, high wisdom folks to review them prior to the first session.  One of the two gave me only one note:  That is a tough one!  Referring to the slide on abundance…  It is not the most widely held view in society today.  I grant you that.  However, if you join me, and choose to live life seeing the abundance all around you….  It will lead you to a more fruitful, happy life. 

Just my opinion, what do you think?

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